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Do you aspire to attend a prestigious university for higher education? The University of Oklahoma is happy to let you know that renowned scholarships are available for bright students like you! This is a fantastic chance to become a member of our prestigious academic community and leave your impact on the world.


Scholarships available

Presidential Scholarship: The University of Oklahoma’s highest honor is the Presidential Scholarship. It honors exceptional academic performance, leadership abilities, and a dedication to volunteerism. For four years of undergraduate education, the whole cost of tuition, required fees, lodging, and board is covered by this scholarship.

Academic Excellence Scholarship: High-achieving students who have displayed great academic achievement throughout their high school careers are given the Academic Excellence Scholarship. This scholarship offers a sizeable sum toward four years of undergraduate tuition and expenses.


The University of Oklahoma is dedicated to building a diverse and inclusive campus environment. Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship. Students from underrepresented backgrounds who have demonstrated leadership in advancing diversity and inclusivity are encouraged to apply for the Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship. This scholarship provides resources for both academic and personal growth, as well as financial support for tuition and fees.

STEM Scholarship: The University of Oklahoma provides a specific scholarship to assist you succeed in these subjects if you have a passion for science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM). The STEM Scholarship offers financial assistance as well as access to cutting-edge tools, possibilities for research, and mentorship programs.

Fine Arts Scholarship: The Fine Arts Scholarship is given to students who have excelled in the performing, visual, and literary arts as well as music, dance, and theater. This fellowship offers financial support along with guidance from distinguished academics at our prestigious College of Fine Arts.

Application Procedures

Please visit our official website at [University of Oklahoma website] to submit an application for these scholarships. There, you may read in-depth details about each scholarship’s qualifying restrictions, application procedures, and deadlines.

Make sure to create a thorough application that shows your academic successes, leadership experiences, involvement in the community, and any other special abilities that make you a standout applicant. To boost your application, we encourage you to provide any pertinent supporting materials, such as portfolios or letters of recommendation.

Application Expiration Dates

[Date] Presidential Scholarship
[Date] Academic Excellence Scholarship
Inclusion and Diversity Financial aid: [Date][Date] STEM Scholarship
Scholarship in the Fine Arts:

Please be aware that each scholarship has a unique deadline, therefore we strongly advise you to carefully read the details and submit your application by the appropriate date.

At the University of Oklahoma, begin your journey.

As a scholarship holder, you will have access to the University of Oklahoma’s top-notch instructors, cutting-edge facilities, active campus life, and welcoming academic community. Your time at our prestigious university will not only influence your academic and professional future but also provide you the chance to grow personally and make connections that will last a lifetime.

Don’t pass up this opportunity to pursue your academic goals at the University of Oklahoma. Put in an application for one of our scholarships right away to start on the path to a remarkable future!

Visit [University of Oklahoma website] or get in touch with our Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid at [contact information] for more details and to start your application.

Let’s go Sooners!

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