7 Best Public Universities in South Korea for International Students


South Korea has a reputation for being a global powerhouse in terms of education. The country ranks highly in international education rankings, with 7 of the top 100 universities in the world located there.


Among the top institutions are public universities, meaning they receive support from the Korean government. It makes them more affordable, hence a better choice for international students looking for both quality and affordable education in South Korea.

If you want to study at a public university in South Korea, check out this list of the seven best public universities in South Korea for International students.

Can international students enroll in public universities in South Korea?

Yes, international students can enroll in several universities across South Korea. Admission is subject to passing the eligibility criteria, like proving your proficiency in the Korean or English language. If you apply for a program offered in Korean, you will have to take the Test of Proficiency in Korean test (TOPIK test).


In addition to having a valid visa, you should have the relevant certified documentation to support your application, like bank statements, academic transcripts, and letters of reference.

Some public universities in South Korea accepting international students include Pusan National University and Seoul National University.

Best Public Universities in South Korea

If you are an international student looking for an excellent university experience in South Korea, the seven public universities listed below are worth checking out. You will find them in various cities across South Korea, hence getting a taste of the country’s culture from different perspectives.

1. Seoul National University

Seoul National University is the number one public university in South Korea and ranks 159 in the 2023 Best Global Universities. It also offers some of the best programs, with subjects like Oncology, Material Science, Clinical Medicine, and Physics ranked in the top 100.

International students can study at SNU by applying for a full-time study program or a six-week intensive International Summer Program.

International students can benefit from language classes, cultural exchange opportunities, career guidance, and internships with local companies. They can also take advantage of various scholarship opportunities, like the Graduate Scholarship For Excellent Foreign Students.

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